About Juneau

The Alaskan capital of Juneau is full of contrasts with an interesting mix of ancient Alaskan traditions, western commercialism and bustling city life. Its dramatic hillside location and historical downtown buildings provide a frontier feeling, but the city's cosmopolitan nature comes through in fine museums, noteworthy restaurants, and its outdoorsy populace.

It's a wonderful holiday spot full of fun activities and fascinating sites and the shopping is fantastic. There are plenty of densely forested wilderness areas, quiet bays for sea kayaking, and even a famous drive-up glacier.

Above and beyond the 4,000 foot mountains that create a dramatic backdrop for the city, lies the Juneau Icefield. This colossal ice mass is the pool from which about 30 glaciers flow, the most famous being Mendenhall Glacier. This glimmering blue-white ice giant is truly an impressive sight, and it is the most easily accessible glacier in Alaska. For an up-close and personal experience, try one of its many trails, which vary in length and difficulty.


Shore excursions in Juneau

Sorry, there's no excursions available for this port right now. Please check back for our exciting new collection.

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