Emergencies and other information

Emergencies on board

Whilst emergencies on board are rare, it is important you know what to do should one occur. All guests are required to attend the guest muster drill on board. Announcements will be made calling you to your muster station.

In a real event you should act as per the instructions given at the guest muster drill and instructions given over the public address system or by crew on board.

Lifts must not be used. If you can't use the stairs, our crew will assist you by using evacuation equipment where you will be taken to your assembly station. If you're able to use the stairs we encourage you to do so, in th eunlikely event of abandoning ship.

Please refer to the Emergency Assistance question in the questionnaire.

Children with disabilities

We encourage all children to use our fantastic children's facilities.

If your child has a disability and would like to take part in our activity programme, then have a chat with our Youth Team during the initial registration. This is so we can make sure they have a safe and fun cruise.


Pregnant guests can travel with us up to the 24th week of pregnancy. If you enter week 24 of pregnancy at any point during the cruise, unfortunately you won't be able to continue travelling with us.

Please use the questionnaire to advise us that you are expecting a baby. You'll be required to send confirmation of your expected due date (EDD), certified by your doctor or midwife, confirming you are fit to travel. This must include the EDD calculated from both Last Menstrual Period (LMP) and an ultrasound, if you've had one already.

Please send your letter to medical@carnivalukgroup.com

Other useful information

We'll do all we can to assist you while you're on holiday with us. But please be aware, we're unable to note any requests for where cabins will be allocated or which dining you 'll be assigned. All allocations are made dependent on your fare type and when the booking was made.

If you wish to discuss either of these areas further, please speak with your Travel Agent or our Customer Contact Centre.

It's a booking condition to have fully comprehensive travel insurance that covers you for all pre-existing medical conditions. We recommend you discuss your travel itinerary with your GP/Consultant so that they can confirm your fitness to travel.