Far East Cruise Holidays

Far East & Asia cruises will open your senses to a world of diverse experiences. Savour the intense aroma of spices that fill the warm air. Sink your toes into talcum soft sand. Immerse yourself in the electric environment of city life. On one of our Far East cruises or Thailand cruises you’ll discover that, today, with the ever-expanding cities of Singapore and Hong Kong dominating the shoreline, it’s the pulsating cities with their glistening skyscrapers that symbolise this region. Behind these dominating skylines lies the rural beauty of provinces, where remote villages embody a simpler way of life. Paddy fields are lovingly tended and fishing methods employed that have stood the test of time. Welcome to an intoxicating blend of exotic cultures, varied landscapes and ancient treasures.

Take a look at some example ports

There's a vast range of places you can go to with P&O Cruises.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

For international shopping and restaurants, head for the Fort District in the north of the city and then catch some local colour in the Pettah Bazaar District.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a former British Crown Colony may boast some 236 islands but most of its five million inhabitants are condensed on just one island, Hong Kong and one city, Kowloon on the facing peninsula.