South America Cruise Holidays

South American cruises cater for a whole spectrum of travelling tastes. Rainforests for the naturalists, 500 year old ruins for the historians, shows for the artisans and remote vistas for the explorers. Around this immense continent you can witness all the landscapes of the world. Rivers and rainforests, mountains and lakes, coasts and cliffs, snow capped peaks and spectacular fjords. Welcome to some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet.From bustling capitals boasting revered statues to picturesque seaports steeped in history, South American cruises offer something unique at every turn. Awake on Brazil cruises, Puerto Rico cruises and Peru cruises to the song of exotic birds or stand in the silence of remote wildernesses.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any holidays to South America currently on sale.

Sadly, all scheduled holidays to South America have been cancelled. We’re sorry for the disappointment this will cause.

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A round world cruise is is more than a holiday, it is the ultimate travel experience. Your chance to explore the farthest reaches, unique cultures and world wonders you've always dreamed of. Stunning iconic coastlines, these destinations are gateways to unique sights and unforgettable experiences. Walk on golden sands, take a cultural journey through the ages, set your pulse racing in rolling countryside and listen to the heartfelt sounds of local musicians. Why not join us in 2022? And if you still need a 2021 adventure why not view our 2021 cruise holiday collection.

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There's a vast range of places you can go to with P&O Cruises.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Famous for its colourful carnival and fabulous beaches, as well as the dramatic entry to its cruise port, Rio de Janeiro in the south-eastern corner of Brazil has much more to offer than sun and sand.