14 Night Cruise Holidays

If you’re seeking escape, exploration and relaxation in equal measure, then our 14 night cruise holidays have it all. With beauty waiting at every stop - a 2 week cruise is full of rich experiences. You can choose between flying out and joining your ship, or setting sail from Southampton.

Two Week Cruise Holiday Highlights

Cruises are more than a holiday. This is the ultimate travel experience. Your chance to explore unique cultures and world wonders you've always dreamed of. A cruise is the ideal way to sightsee. From unspoilt island views, sampling local vintage at a family-run vineyards, to travelling to archaeological sites. 

Spain and Portugal has been home to some of history’s greatest explorers and pioneers. It’s the gateway to a number of spectacular cities, offering fabulous food, incredible architecture and culture galore. Bring out your inner trailblazer on our unforgettable 2 week cruise holidays to Europe or the Caribbean

For those times when you simply want to get where you’re going and pack even more into your holiday, we offer fly-cruises, perfect for a 2 week cruise getaways. Combining the speed and convenience of air travel with the luxury and excitement of cruising, what's not to love. You’ll fly from the UK to your waiting cruise ship in exotic destinations around the world – choose from the Mediterranean or even further afield on our Caribbean fly-cruises.

Destinations to explore on a 14 night cruise holiday


From sun-soaked Barbados and its luxury and rugged untamed natural beauty to an island of untamed rainforests, bubbling sulphur springs and coral reefs in St. Lucia, the Caribbean is home to some of the world’s best-loved holiday spots, including itineraries packed with as many different must-see destinations as possible.


The Mediterranean is famed for its climate, beauty and laid-back way of life. There’s plenty to see and do at any time, from exploring the ornate city markets and bustling historic centres. Head out to the best-preserved medieval sites and swim in waters that seem to glow with colour on clear and sunny days.

Northern Europe and Scandinavia

Northern Europe and Scandinavia is a playground of riches. You can spend two weeks visiting capital cities, cultural masterpieces and lesser-known gems. City-hop from Helsinki to Tallinn, Stockholm and Copenhagen - all on one holiday. Centuries-old palaces that seem determined to outdo one another. Churches more extravagant than the last.

Canary Islands

Consider yourself an outdoorsy type? You’ll find heaven in the Canary Islands, where the landscape is nothing short of dramatic. From miles of giant white sand dunes bordering turquoise seas, to the volcanic ‘moonscape’ of Mount Teide National Park. With two weeks at your disposal, a wide-ranging holiday awaits.

Norway & Iceland

Holidays to Norway and Iceland take you to the heart of Mother Nature. To a world of vivid landscapes, punctuated by deep fjords, soaring peaks and cascading waterfalls. Picture yourself gliding through still waters with sheer rock faces, the scent of verdant flower meadows rich in the air.

Spain & Portugal

Known for its mild climate, laidback lifestyle and lush countryside, Spain & Portugal triumphs. From restored castles, to fishing villages and rugged landscape, 14 night holidays don’t get much more glorious than this. Want to reconnect with nature? Explore boardwalks that cling to sheer rockfaces, walkways that span gorges and canyons, and paths tunnel through chalky mountains.