Enhanced health and well-being measures

Discover the measures put in place to protect everyone on board.

Your experience on board

To help you to feel comfortable throughout your holiday, we have well-being measures to protect everyone on board. These include:

  • Guests are politely asked to declare any symptoms before boarding their cruise
  • Enhanced on-board ventilation systems to improve and increase filtration and fresh air
  • High levels of cleanliness are delivered throughout
  • Plans in place to manage your medical needs

Our well-being measures are subject to change, and may do so during your cruise, as we work with experts and government bodies to respond to the latest advice. Rest assured our focus is always to protect the health and well-being of our guests, crew and the communities we visit.

Muster drills

Upon embarkation, one of our friendly crew members will be able to help direct you to your muster station. You’ll have your boarding pass scanned and can familiarise yourself with your muster station, ensuring you know where you need to go in the event of an emergency. When you arrive at your cabin, we ask that you watch our safety video that will be showing on your in-cabin TV. This includes important health, well-being and safety information as well as the actions you would need to take in the unlikely event of an emergency, including a life jacket demonstration. Once this is done, you can relax, explore and enjoy everything your ship has to offer.

Pre-existing medical requirements

If you have any pre-existing medical requirements, we advise that you discuss your travel plans with your doctor.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept guests who require oxygen via tank or cylinder or those who require heamodialysis. If you are travelling with CPAP, an oxygen concentrator, mechanical ventilatory support or peritoneal dialysis, you should confirm your fitness to travel on your chosen itinerary with your primary health care provider. You must also have full travel insurance that covers you for all pre-existing health conditions. If you have any queries or require any additional support, please contact our medical team via email medical@carnivalukgroup.com


Pregnant guests can travel with us up to the 24th week of pregnancy (i.e. 23 weeks +1 day or more). If you will enter the 24th week of your pregnancy at any point during the cruise, unfortunately you won’t be permitted to travel with us.

Please advise us that you are expecting a baby. You'll be required to send confirmation of your expected due date (EDD), certified by your doctor or midwife, confirming you are fit to travel.  We will then determine whether you are able to travel on your planned cruise; if you will be in the 24th week of your pregnancy at any point during the cruise you will be assisted to make an alternate holiday arrangement. Please be aware that if you are found to be in the 24th week of your pregnancy or later at embarkation, you will not be permitted to board and it will not be possible to support alternate holiday arrangements.

Please send your letter to medical@carnivalukgroup.com