My Holiday How to Guide

Our pocket planner makes life on board a breeze

Here’s a handy guide explaining how to connect and use My Holiday once you’re on board. Simply follow the steps to make a dining reservation, book a shore experience, view your on-board account, book a seat for a show and so much more.

To start using My Holiday once on board, simply:


1. Turn on airplane mode

Put your device in airplane mode (or similar)


2. Connect to the Wi‑Fi

Connect to the ship's free Wi‑Fi: P&OCruises_Guest_WIFI


3. Visit My Holiday

Visit via your browser or scan the QR code


4. Log in

To log in you'll need your pass number, which is the last six digits below the barcode on your cruise card

View your on-board account

Keep track of your holiday spending. You can view any remaining on-board spending money you have as well as transactions and purchases made by all guests registered to your on-board account.

To view the summary of your spending, tap the 'On-board account' icon on the My Holiday home page. To see a breakdown of transactions for each guest registered to your on-board account, tap the blue arrow next to their individual spending summary. For more details, tap the arrow on the right side of the red box, next to the summary amount.

Dining – make a reservation

Is there a restaurant you’re keen to experience? If you’d like to book a table in a venue that requires reservations, you can choose your preferred time for the current day or any other date during your holiday.

Tap the ‘Dining’ icon on the My Holiday home page and tap ‘Find me a table’. You can then search for available restaurants according to your party size and the date and time you’d like to eat.

You can also browse sample menus for inspiration! If you know which venue you’d like to book, tap on its listing under ‘Make a booking by restaurant’ and choose your ideal date, time and number of guests. Please note, some venues do not require reservations and you can simply walk in.

If you're allocated Club Dining, you can also make dining reservations or join a virtual queue for any speciality restaurants you'd like to visit.

Dining – join a virtual queue

Relax with a drink and let My Holiday queue for you! For selected restaurants, you can join a virtual queue from your cabin, the bar or anywhere else on the ship. Then simply sit back, relax and we’ll let you know when it’s time to head to the venue.

To join a virtual queue, tap the ‘Dining’ icon on the My Holiday home page. Venues available for queuing will appear at the top of the page. Select the number of people in your party, tap ‘Join queue’ and stay on the page. Some venues will give you the option to share a table with other guests. By choosing to share a table, not only will you enjoy a more sociable dining experience, but you're also more likely to be seated more quickly at busy times.

When we let you know your table is ready, tap ‘I’m on my way’ and head to the restaurant. You’ll have 15 minutes to take your seat.

Once you’ve joined a queue, you must keep the page open and remain on the ship’s free Wi-Fi to receive notifications. If you lose connection to the Wi-Fi or navigate away from the page, you could lose your place in the virtual queue.

If you're allocated Freedom Dining, you can make reservations, join a virtual queue or head straight to the venue and request a table at Freedom restaurants.

Book a seat for a show

From original theatre shows to the latest Hollywood blockbusters in the cinema*, there’s incredible entertainment on board. And with My Holiday, you’ll have your pick of the bunch. It’s easy to reserve your place and manage your bookings. *Cinema bookings aren’t required aboard Iona.

To make a booking, tap the ‘Entertainment’ icon on the My Holiday home page. You can then browse and book all shows available for your holiday. To view and manage these bookings, tap the ‘My bookings’ icon on the My Holiday home page. For venues that don’t require bookings, you can simply walk up and check availability. To view all entertainment venues, check your Horizon newspaper.

Any entertainment booked before your holiday via My P&O Cruises can also be viewed and managed in ‘My bookings’ and 'My diary' on My Holiday.

Browse and book shore experiences

To help you get to the heart of each destination, we offer a huge range of shore experiences. Working with local experts, we look past the typical tourist trail to find the unique, authentic and unmissable things to do. You can explore and book the variety of shore experiences available via My Holiday.

To book a shore experience, tap the ‘Shore experiences’ icon on the My Holiday home page. You can then browse the shore experiences that are available. To book those you'd like to join during your holiday, tap 'Details' and then 'Book now’. To view your bookings, tap the 'My bookings' or 'My diary' icon on the My Holiday home page.

Any shore experiences booked before your holiday via My P&O Cruises can also be viewed in ‘My bookings’ and 'My diary' on My Holiday.

Organise your holiday

Keep track of all the exciting things you’ve planned, including shore experiences, theatre shows and restaurant reservations.

For a general overview of all the bookings you’ve made for restaurants, shows and shore experiences, tap the ‘My bookings’ icon on the My Holiday homepage. You’ll also be able to cancel some of your bookings here if you need to.

For a detailed diary view of all your bookings day by day, including anything booked on your behalf by someone else, tap ‘My diary’ on the My Holiday home page.

Any bookings made before your holiday via My P&O Cruises will also appear on the ‘My bookings’ and ‘My diary’ pages of My Holiday.

Browse bar menus, spa treatments and other handy information

Quickly reference useful information about the ship, scheduled events, spa treatments and more from anywhere on board. There’s no need to head back to your cabin.

To view drink menus, tap the ‘Drinks’ icon on the My Holiday home page and then tap ‘View menu’ from your desired venue. To read the ship guide, the essential information leaflet or the room service menu, tap the ‘My cabin services’ icon on the My Holiday home page. To look up the fitness schedule, spa treatment menu and spa welcome letter, tap the ‘Spa’ icon on the My Holiday home page.

Find medical assistance

If you have a medical emergency, you should call 999 immediately. If your situation isn’t urgent, tap the ‘Medical assistance’ icon on the My Holiday home page to find information on contacting the ship’s medical team.

Buy internet packages

Keen to stay connected while you’re on board? Our all-new internet packages offer you an enhanced service and are available 24/7. With two packages to choose from, you can surf, stream and socialise your way. After all, holidays are all about magical moments and sharing them, either in person or with those back home.

To browse and buy an internet package, tap the ‘Internet packages’ icon on the My Holiday home page. You can select the cruise plan option to stay connected every day of your holiday from the moment you purchase or opt to pay per day… it’s entirely your choice, and you can upgrade at any time.