Jargon buster: Cruise language explained

If you're new to cruising, you might see the odd word or phrase that looks a little unfamiliar. Here's a guide to some of the lingo you'll encounter on a cruise holiday.

Cruising term



The rear area of the ship


The large, airy social hub of the ship where you can relax, enjoy a drink and people watch

Cabin grades

Each cabin has a two letter code, such as PF or NC, identifying the type of accommodation, varying by size, features and location on the ship

Club Dining

A style of dining on board. You'll share a table in the restaurant with the same guests at a set time each evening


A cruise-by is where the ship does not dock at the port. Cruise-bys are quite common on Norwegian Fjords cruise holiday itineraries where you can take in the beautiful scenery as you sail past


Leaving the ship

Deck plans

Detailed plans showing the ship's layout


When the cruise ship arrives into a dock, and lowers a bridge so guests can walk directly off the ship and into the port of call

Early saver

Great value prices on selected cruises at selected times, without the benefits of Select Price


Boarding the ship


The front area of the ship

Freedom Dining

A style of dining on board suited to those who prefer to keep arrangements a little more flexible

Inside cabin

Cabins without a window

Mid Aft

The area between the rear and the centre of the ship

Mid Forward

The area between the front and the centre of the ship


The middle area of the ship

Obstructed view

The window lets in light but the view will be mostly obstructed, for example by a lifeboat

On-board spending money

Money that is credited to your on-board account. It can be used to purchase drinks, spa treatments, dining experiences and much more and is one of the perks availble with our Select Price

Sea view cabin

Accommodation with a window looking out to sea

Part obstructed view

The view from the window will be partially obstructed, for example by a pillar or a lifeboat


The left side of the ship, when facing forwards

Pull-down beds

Extra beds overhead, similar to bunk beds that are folded away during the day by your cabin steward


Last-mintute deals with some arrangements confirmed on board

Speciality restaurants

An optional way to add variety to your dining experiences on board. For a small cover charge, speciality restaurants offer alternative menus, some even created by our Food Heroes. These can be booked on my.pocruises.com before you sail

Select Price

The leading choice for its range of premium benefits; Select Price bookings include a number of perks

Shore experiences

A range of unique, authentic and exciting adventures, as well as accessible experiences.

Discover and book shore experiences at my.pocruises.com online up until 3 days prior to departure.


The right side of the ship, when facing forwards


A tender is a small boat that's used to transport guests between the cruise ship and the port when the ship itself is unable to dock

Now you know the cruise jargon...

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