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A vibrant Norwegian city, Bodø is a hub of spellbinding architecture, chic cafés and contemporary shops that are all worth exploring. From up high in the Nyholm Fortress to down on the cobbled streets surrounded by colourful street art, Bodø is beautiful from every angle. With so much to see and do in this interesting corner of the world, you get to explore everything you want all at your own pace. 

Top things to do in Bodø

Bodø Cathedral  

Standing tall above the main street, Bodø Cathedral is one of the city’s most glorious landmarks. Originally designed by Jacob Wilhelm Nordan, this structure has one of the most interesting histories that is sure to make you want to know more. Step through the oak doors and marvel at the contemporary interior and vibrant stained glass that can be found at the very end of the church.

Norwegian Aviation Museum

This museum is something you won’t be able to miss – especially as it’s shaped liked a giant propellor! First established in 1994, there are a whole range of historical pieces of aircraft that have been collected and restored over the years by aviation enthusiasts for you to cast your eyes over. With three museums in one, you can enjoy a few hours learning more about civil, military and AVINOR aviation history.

Tranøy Lighthouse

Want to enjoy 360 degree views of Bodø? At the Tranøy Lighthouse, you can do just that. With not only a city-view, but also a glimpse of the approach to the stunning Vestfjord, a trip to this landmark is sure to take your breath away. Surrounded by Norway’s classic white houses, this red-and-white tower adds a vibrancy to the outskirts of the city and offers its visitors peaceful views of the wider surroundings, away from the city centre. 

What makes Bodø special?

Whether you want to escape the city centre for a peaceful walk around the coast or you prefer to be I the hustle and bustle, Bodø provides you with the best of both worlds.

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