Calvi, France cruise holidays

Your first sight of Calvi will be dominated by the huge 15th century citadel overlooking the town and its cruise port (Quai Landry).


Unusually, it is the new town which is nearest, with the more historic quarter up towards the citadel. This makes for a very pleasant walk with lots to see along the way, including the St-Jean-Baptiste Cathedral and the Oratoire St Antoine, before you reach the citadel itself. A lively Corsican holiday resort in its own right with a vibrant nightlife, Calvi cruise port is also close to the popular Llle Rouse resort further along the west coast. Other tours take you to Ajaccio, birthplace of Napoleon, and to the interior of the 'Scented Isle', so-called because of the sweet aromas from the mountainside maquis vegetation. For shoppers, there is no shortage of Napoleonic souvenirs mixed in amongst some attractive local handicrafts and ceramics plus a variety of coral jewellery.

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