Gothenburg, Sweden cruise holidays

The approach to Gothenburg's cruise port is the perfect introduction to this large, bustling, but very friendly Swedish city. Fika is the Swedish practice of taking time out of your day to relax and chat with friends and enjoy a coffee, preferably with a sticky cinnamon bun in hand. Gothenburg is a Swedish favourite, with its bohemian neighbourhoods like Haga and the area around Tredje Långgatan full of cosy cafés piled high with delectable pastries. Embark on a cruise to Gothenburg and you will sail through the beautiful Nordic archipelago of small islands and past sleepy old fishing villages along the mainland coast.


Your first impression of the city will be that it is so very green - there are parks and gardens galore including some extraordinarily colourful botanical ones full of rare orchids, roses and butterflies. While enjoying your Gothenburg cruise take the opportunity to visit the Liseborg Amusement Park which has some eye-popping theme park rides but it is also beautifully landscaped with flowers and plants.


For shopping enthusiasts, Gothenburg cruises offer a diverse collection of retails stores and venues to enhance their shopping experience. In the city centre, there are all the latest designer stores and an array of cafés and restaurants in or around the main street: the Avenue. Elsewhere in the city, Nordstan is Scandinavias largest shopping centre. Don't miss the impressive Opera House and Maritime Centre, architectural landmarks that add to Gothenburg's unique Nordic charm.

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