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Despite being home to around 1.3 million people, Copenhagen goes by the nickname byen – meaning ‘the village’.  Part of the magic of Denmark and its capital are the contradictions. Copenhagen is where classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales and the famous Little Mermaid statue meet a vibrant art scene and trendsetting fashion. You’ll find tiny, traditional bodegas (pubs where smoking is still allowed), next to new, polished juice bars selling matcha lattes. And for all their sleek and minimalist Nordic design, Danes certainly know how to get cosy – or ‘hygge’ themselves, as they say. 


Discover the beauty of the Copenhagen cruises while visiting the delightful Tivoli Gardens, where you can soar above the city in a hot air balloon suspended from a Ferris Wheel. Since it opened in 1843, the park has served as inspiration for the likes of Hans Christian Andersen and Walt Disney, and has been a haven for locals and visitors alike who flock to it for a magical escape. It’s captivating around the clock, but perhaps never more so than at night, when twinkling lights add to the charm. Stroll down leafy byways as dusk falls and hundreds of lights twinkle through the trees or in the shops and cafés of Stroget, Europe's longest pedestrianised shopping street.


Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen was the adopted home of Hans Christian Andersen  - commemorated in the waterfront sculpture of his Little Mermaid. And, true to the spirit of its most famous resident, Copenhagen embodies a Nordic fairytale magic all of its own. 


With a variety of destinations to explore, cruises to Copenhagen have plenty to offer. Enjoy another stroll along the Nyhavn Canal, browsing the market stalls and looking at the fine old sailing ships moored near its banks. You will find more history at the magnificent Christiansborg Palace, the National Museum - home to fascinating Viking relics - and at Kronberg Castle - the former Elsinore of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'.

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