Hamburg, Germany cruise holidays

On the banks of the Elbe River, 70 miles inland from Travemunde, lies the city of Hamburg. This cruise destination was once a one-time Hanseatic League port, which was founded over 1,000 years ago. Emerging from superb post-war restoration it became a prosperous celebration of a proud civic spirit, of striking architecture both modern and ancient, of an epic history and splendid art, of cosmopolitan shopping, dining and nightlife. Cruises to Hamburg have plenty to offer. The city's two Alster lakes, hundreds of canals and spacious parks, the grandeur of its church steeples and great City Hall belfry, its sense of energy and confidence - all contribute to the subtle appeal of the imposing city.


Hamburg brims with culture and exploration. A day of immersing yourself in the glories of Hamburg includes some unique geological, cultural and historical sites. One of the best ways to explore a new city or country is through your taste buds – learning about the customs, history and foods that are integral to its culture. Food certainly brings culture to the table on a Hamburg cruise holiday.


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