Kristiansund, Norway cruise holidays

It's believed that the very first Norwegians lived near Kristiansund around 8,000 BC, at the end of the last Ice Age. During the Viking Age there were many important battles around the city.


And during WWII most of the city was destroyed by Germany. Today Kristiansund is a much more peaceful place and the lovely city is spread across five islands just off the mainland. The old watchtower, Varden, is a great place for panoramic views across the city and surrounding islands. Kristiansund boasts some of Norway's most interesting architecture including the Art Nouveau Kristiansund Opera House and the Old Town at Innlandet. But as German bombs levelled the city, most of the colourful architecture is post-war. Kristiansund was built on the exporting of clipfish (salted cod) and was a major supplier to the Mediterranean area. The Norwegian Clipfish Museum follows the progress of that industry throughout the ages. Watch for the sculpture of the Clipfish Woman of Kristiansund, proudly standing near the waterfront.

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