Lautoka, Fiji cruise holidays

There is a chance to capture the essence of Fijian life here. Past the avenue of Royal Palms along the main street, the ornate Sikh and Krishna temples and mosques give away the presence of a large Indian population. It is that contrast between Indian and Fijian lifestyles which gives an extra buzz to the city. Worth a visit are the bustling daily market and the thriving botanical gardens while, outside the city, the National Heritage Park and the Viseisei village - said to be the oldest settlement in Fiji - are the most popular tours on the spectacularly scenic northern side of the island.

Top things to do in Lautoka

Krishna Kilaya Temple

The only one of its kind, this temple was founded by spiritual guru, Srila Prabhupada himself. Step inside this religious paradise and take in the unique designs and ornaments that reside inside the temple. Here, you can also learn more about the structure’s impressive history, including how the beginning of the Krishna Consciousness started in that very patch of land.


One of the best retail centres in Lautoka, Tappoocity is perfect for those who love to shop (and grab a bite to eat afterwards!). You can try on a few clothes for size, browse classic souvenir shops for a fridge magnet or two and maybe take a trip to the top level and try some of Fiji’s speciality dishes in the food court. This centre gives you the best of both worlds – an incredible shopping experience and a place to refuel afterwards.

Saweni Beach

Want to spend a day relaxing underneath the sun with the chorus of waves in the background? This cosy beach gives you the chance to break away from the lively city centre and have a little bit of me-time. Grab your beach towel, suncream and a good book and stroll down to this stunning setting for a bit of peace and quiet. 

What makes Lautoka special?

The centre of sugar cane production, Lautoka not only has a rich history – it’s also a tranquil city whose slow pace of life can help you unwind to the max. 

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