Manzanillo, Mexico cruise holidays

Manzanillo hugs the Pacific west coast of Mexico. On arriving in port forested hillsides fringe sandy beaches, and birdsong fills the air. Manzanillo is best known for its beaches. Two large bays make up its vibrant coastline…Bahía de Manzanillo and Bahía de Santiago (known especially for its wide stretches of sand and water sports). If you’re a fan of snorkeling or diving, the waters along the coast are alive with fish that shimmer against kaleidoscopic coral reefs. Manzanillo is also famous for its big game fishing and tourists can often see large marlin being brought in on deep sea sports fishing boats. If you’re old enough to remember the hit movie ‘10’ starring Dudley Moore and Bo Derek, Manzanillo is where the beach scenes were shot!

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