Manila, Philippines cruise holidays

Truly the city that never sleeps, the Philippine capital and cruise port of Manila promises a real buzz of an experience from the moment you see (and hear!) the first multi-coloured jeepney whiz by. These former US military jeeps are individually customised as the world's most distinctive taxis with all sorts of logos, bells, whistles and horns to add an extra splash of colour and noise to the city's already teeming streets. Split into business, hotel, residential, shopping and entertainment districts, this sprawling city has a lot to see. The Manila cruise excursions take in fascinating museums (the Ayala Historical and the National are the pick) and cultural centres, bars, clubs and restaurants of its vibrant nightlife district. For good beaches, you need to travel outside the city where one of the most exciting experiences is 'shooting the rapids' at the fabulous Pasgsanjan Falls. With such a variety of destinations, cruises to Manila are sure to create an exciting holiday.

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