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Fabulous mansions, fantastic scenery and the world famous ten mile Ocean Drive make Newport, Rhode Island a must see city. From the splendour of its palatial 'summer cottages' to its quaint colonial streets, inviting vineyards and numerous marinas. For a glimpse into gilded age living, visit Breakers - the most opulent and elegant mansion renowned for its intricate art and craftsmanship, or marvel at Marble Cottage - a social and architectural landmark and the first of Newport's grand residences. Both are laced with endless carpets of green lawn and beautifully manicured gardens. Miles of scenic coastline give it a rugged beauty ideal for sailing, riding and rejuvenating walks. For true nature lovers Newport's sanctuaries display a wide variety of bird life and for those who want to simply relax lagoon-like Gooseberry beach is the perfect location. Other famous landmarks include Trinity Church, Redwood Library and the Gothic Church of St. Mary's - where Jacqui and JFK were married.

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