Propriano, France cruise holidays

Propriano cruise port is a beach resort and harbour town tucked away in southwest Corsica. Situated at the head of the Gulf of Valinco, it's one of the prettiest towns on the island.


It's charming and unhurried and the palm-lined yacht harbour is filled with terraces of inviting shops, cafs and restaurants. This picture-perfect town boasts a rich variety of people, scenery and traditions. The most imposing monument in Propriano is the Church of Notre Dame de la Misericorde, which dominates the centre of town. The cuisine is hearty and rustic, and the charcuterie and cheeses are excellent. The beaches are beautiful, as are the gorgeous coves along the enchanting northern shore of the gulf. Inland, trees cover nearly half the landscape and the delightful countryside is scented with thyme and heather. And the scenic mountain peaks reach up to a height of 8,900 feet. The enigmatic Stantari standing stones are waiting to be explored, as are the eerie rock-carved heads at Filitosa, the largest prehistoric site on the island.

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