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Skagen is a world of windswept Nordic beauty, a finger of reef where sun-bleached dunes meet swathes of pastel sky. Denmark's most northerly town on the tip of the peninsula is famed for fishing (you won't find a tastier shrimp salad on homemade rye), while its poetic seascapes and luminous evening light has inspired many an Impressionist artist. Skagen's main attraction is the sandy Skaw (after which the town is named) at Grenen Beach - a tapered spit where twoNordic seas literally collide. Here, the north seas of Skagerrak and Kattegat meet, crashing together in the middle, but always look separate. While standing for the obligatory photograph with a foot in each sea, you'll often spot whales and seals, and in springtime follow the swoop and fall of hundreds of rare migrating birds. Such natural beauty is the inspiration for many local artists. Browse their wares in the abundant galleries, jewellery and craft shops.


It’s easy to see why artists have long been drawn to the sublime light of Skagen – Denmark’s most northerly town enjoys more daylight hours than any other. Painters flocked here in the 19th century, and today summer tourists do the same, to enjoy its beautiful white sand beaches, bustling harbours and pretty neighbourhoods of distinctive red-roofed yellow houses, a hallmark of Nordic coastal charm.

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