Riga, Latvia cruise holidays

Latvia's capital and cruise port Riga dates back to the 1100's, its inhabitants have endured long periods of occupation ever since, controlled by the Swedes, the Poles and most recently the Russians. Now they have regained independence, they are embracing western culture with enthusiasm and cruise visitors to Riga will find the city full of excellent restaurants, lively bars and Internet cafes, while its historic heart has remained unchanged for centuries. When taking one of our Riga cruises, a stroll through the narrow streets of its walled Old City is a must; take time to view the magnificent organ and medieval wall mountings of the Dome Cathedral. Shop for fabulous amber jewellery, fine linen and beautifully made wooden toys at the shops and street markets and look out for the city's Freedom Monument, which depicts Milda, the spirit of Riga, reaching for the stars. Riga cruise highlights also include the War Museum, housed in a well-preserved 18th century defence tower, where you can learn more about the country's troubled past at.

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