Storfjorden (cruise-by), Norway cruise holidays

As you sail in from the North Sea, through the outlying islands of Norway's west coast, you reach the beguiling, wide waterway of Storfjorden. Translating as 'Great Fjord',Storfjorden more than lives up to its name, with sweeping waterscapes, soaring, snow-dusted peaks and forested slopes that plunge down to the water's edge. On a still day, the reflections of the mountains in the water are a sight to behold. This remote wilderness is a haven for wildlife. Keep a look out for dolphins and whales swimming alongside the ship and sea eagles passing overhead. As your ship winds its way along the peaceful waters, the views are ever changing, with occasional small settlements lying along the water and abandoned farms high up the rock faces. Norway's fifth longest fjord, Storfjorden is 68 miles long, cutting Norway's Sunnmre region into two, and taking you though magnificent scenery towards Sunnylvsfjord and Geirangerfjord.

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