Sognefjord (cruise-by), Norway cruise holidays

Spectacular from the first moment and along every mesmeric mile, cruising through Sognefjord is an experience you'll never forget. Sognefjord starts on the coast just north of Bergen and winds its way inland 127 miles, inviting you to float through some of the most captivating fjord scenery in the world. You'll be sailing in the wake of Vikings and through Norse history as you venture along Norway's biggest and best-known fjord. Picture-postcard views lie around every bend, with small settlements clinging to the water's edge and tumbling waterfalls pouring off the snow-capped mountains. In places, Sognefjord sprawls to 4 miles wide. Further inland, it narrows to just 250 metres and the mountains climb to a dizzying 1,700 metres. The tranquil water runs 1,000 metres deep for over 60 miles, dropping to a mind-bending 1,308 metres in the central part near Hyanger. Sognefjord branches into several smaller fjords, including the Nryfjord (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Aurlandsfjord, home to the tiny village of Flaam.

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