Suva, Fiji cruise holidays

Suva is a beautiful harbour city built on a hilly peninsula which stretches out into the sea. Fiji’s capital city is home to the country’s largest metropolitan area, giving you a whole range of things to see and do during your visit. You could take a trip to the Suva City Carnegie Library, a building that is one of a whole range of colonial-period architecture. Or perhaps the Fiji Museum will catch your eye and you’ll decide to marvel at some of Fiji’s ancient artifacts? 

Don't miss the municipal markets near the waterfront, which come to life on a Fridays and Saturdays with artefacts and handicrafts from Fijians throughout this idyllic island group. Brimming with culture, Suva welcomes everyone with open arms. 

Top thing to do in Suva

Mariamma Temple

The centre of spirituality and quiet prayer, the Mariamma temple is one of Suva’s most beautiful landmarks. Snap pictures of the colourful architecture and maybe even go and say a small prayer whilst you’re there.

Colo-i-Suva Forest Park

Trek this lush rainforest and reconnect with nature as you stroll through its impressive greenery. You can navigate natural pools and vistas and take your time as you marvel at your serene surroundings. You might even decide to go for a swim, so make sure to take some swimwear with you!

Suva Municipal Market

Located in the heart of Suva, the Municipal Market is a high-energy experience where you can sample fresh local delicacies. From fruits and veg to refreshing juices to sip on, there’s an array of stalls to browse. 

What makes Suva special?

Magical museums… Bustling markets… Incredible historical sites… Suva is a city that has so much to explore, with a little bit of something for everyone.  

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