Tokyo, Japan cruise holidays

Facing Tokyo Bay, Yokohama has one of the finest harbours in the world. Only a little over 100 years ago, Yokohama was an insignificant village of one hundred farming-fishing families. Since then it has survived several calamities to become a prosperous city of over three million people and Japan's major commercial gateway to the world. It's also the gateway to Japan's frenetic, futuristic and fast capital - Tokyo.

As you will be able to see on our cruises to Tokyo, the most striking aspect of the city is its sheer level of energy.  It's a place where the urgent rhythms of consumer culture overlap with the quieter moments that have survived from centuries-old traditions. With almost 30 million people living within a 22-mile radius of the Imperial Palace, the crowds, the traffic and the fact that no buildings carry addresses will make your Tokyo cruise unforgettable.

The Ginza blazes with endless neon, its magnificent shops offering the best of Japanese goods and global fashions. Eating out is your chance to try fresh sushi or sashimi (sushi without the rice!). For an insight into Japanese culture, our Tokyo cruises gives you the time to visit the temples and shrines at Kamakura or browse in the stalls adjacent to Tokyo's Asakusa Kannon Temple. Tokyo is a glittering example of the 'miracle' of post-WWII Japan.

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