Barbados Cruise Holidays

Beautiful, colourful and friendly, Barbados never fails to charm. With its picture-perfect beaches, social rum shops and natural beauty, it’s easy to see why the glamourous island is a firm favourite for holidays to the Caribbean.

Barbados Cruise Highlights

Known for its white sand beaches, UNESCO-listed capital and abundant marine life. On your cruise to Barbados, you’ll get under the skin of the paradise island.

When you think of Barbados, you might think of beautiful beaches and fluttering palm trees – and who could blame you! But did you know there’s more to discover beyond the idyllic coastline? The island is awash with coral reefs, tide pools, cliffs, underground lakes, mysterious caves and a wide variety of wildlife. On selected Caribbean fly-cruise holidays you can enjoy an overnight stay, giving you plenty of time to explore.

Reasons to visit Barbados on a cruise holiday

Swim with turtles

When you travel, it’s always great to meet the locals... In the waters of Barbados, you’ve the once-in-a-lifetime chance to get up close and personal with green or hawksbill sea turtles. Take a boat trip out on the sparkling seas and don your snorkel, ready to watch in awe as these magnificent creatures weave their way through the water. Back on board, bask in the sunshine and toast the experience with a delicious rum punch.

Food and drink

To get a real taste for Barbados, you need to pick a local spot and try the national dish: flying fish served with cou cou (cornmeal and okra). Then take a seat in a rum shop – part bar, part corner shop; they’re the perfect taste of Barbadian life complete with delectable rum. Other Bajan treats to try include deep-fried salt cod fish cakes, cutters (salt bread sandwiches) and conkies – coconut, pumpkin, sweet potato, cornmeal and raisins and spices steamed in a plantain leaf.

St Nicholas Abbey

Venture further afield with a trip to St Nicholas Abbey – an oddly named 17th century plantation house. The Jacobean-style mansion is one of the oldest in the Caribbean and is beautifully maintained. Here you can soak up some of the most enchanting sights, heritage and rum that Barbados has to offer. Explore the house, visit the artisan rum distillery and take a steam train ride through the plantation fields, stopping at Cherry Tree Hill for spectacular views of Barbados’ east coast.