Belgium Cruise Holidays

Famous for its chocolate and beer, Belgium also has one of the most well-preserved histories in the world, with an ‘old world’ feel the moment your feet make contact with Belgian soil.

Belgium Cruise Holiday Highlights

Belgium cruises are becoming increasingly popular as a short break, thanks to the fact there’s so much to see and do in this compact, beautiful country. Watch the autumn leaves drift down as you stroll the romantic canal-ways of Bruges.

It’s no surprise that beautiful Belgium is one of Europe’s top spots for treating your taste buds. The local scene sizzles with mouth-watering promise. From its celebrated chocolate to its fabled Flemish cuisine, to the baking and beer that has foodies flocking year after year, Belgium’s culinary heart beats loud and proud.

Bruges, Belgium

No doubt about it, Bruges is chocolate-box pretty. Its tiny UNESCO-listed medieval centre is renowned for its alluring mix of art treasures, stepped-gable houses, cobbled streets and beautiful canals. And dotted about this compact city are more than 50 chocolate shops, often little works of art in themselves. Behind the enticing facades with their tempting displays and heavenly aromas are workshops where hundreds of kilos of exquisite pralines, truffles and ganaches are made every week by elite chocolatiers.

Short Breaks to Belgium

Why Belgium is great for a short break


Without a doubt, Bruges is one of Europe’s loveliest cities, and one of Belgium’s most famous cruise ports. It’s often referred to as the ‘Venice of the North’ – the picturesque canal network is reminiscent of its Italian cousin. The romantic boat rides here are the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion.

Food and Drink

On a mini cruise to Belgium are the perfect opportunity to enjoy the gastronomical delights on offer. Chocolate and beer are a guilty pleasure for many people, but they come together as two of the country’s biggest exports so there’s no need to feel bad about a little indulgence.

Historical Landmarks

Belgium is an outstanding example of medieval settlements and historical landmarks, and many of its shops, restaurants, bars and hotels are found behind beautiful historic facades. Take a walk through the picturesque cities taking in all the sites and sample the velvety chocolate and local beers that the country is famous for.