Sweden Cruise Holidays

Sweden’s stunning scenery, world-class cities and rich Nordic heritage make it a fantastic cruise destination. The island of Gamla Stan is where you’ll find the medieval Old Town. Explore its myriad museums, churches, restaurants and shops. Be sure to also visit Djurgården island, which boasts peaceful green space and the Gröna Lund amusement park

Sweden Cruise Holiday Highlights

One of the richest countries in the world, and exceptionally pretty to travel through, Sweden is a delightful cruise destination. With a rich Nordic heritage, clean cities, a temperate climate, and (let’s just say it) a lot of beautiful people, what more do you need to know?

The modern name Sweden comes from Old English Swēoþēod, which in turn comes from Old Norse (Sviar). Today, Sweden is the third largest country in the EU by size, with a population of almost 10 million. Of that population, it’s estimated that 600,000 Swedes sing in choirs. Music is a big part of life in Sweden, and the musical traditions here include mediaeval folk ballads, Saami animistic chants, ABBA and hip hop.

Explore Sweden on a Cruise Holiday

Warm your cockles with a steaming glass of glögg (Swedish mulled wine) and sample local delicacies such as smoked sausages and reindeer meat as you wander the gorgeous festive stalls of Sweden’s largest Christmas market at Liseberg amusement park. Nicknamed the ‘Christmas City’, Gothenburg is full of festive cheer. With over five million fairy lights decorating the park, reindeer pulling sleighs, scents of toasted almonds, cinnamon buns and pine trees, and the yuletide delight of the market-goers, it’s a Christmas-lover’s delight.

A short walk away from Stockholm, on Djurgarden island, you’ll find Skansen, the world's first open-air museum, founded in 1891. Here you can stroll through five centuries of Swedish history, from north to south, with a real sense of the past in the historical buildings and dwellings, which are peopled by characters in period dress. Skansen Zoo houses domestic and wild Nordic animals such as bears, wolves and lynx. 

Reasons to visit Sweden on a cruise holiday

Breathtaking scenery

On a cruise to Sweden, you’ll get to see the many offshore islands and fjords up close. Around 15% of the country lies above the Arctic Circle, and despite this, the overall climate is very pleasant. Some 65% of the country is covered in forests, which have been well protected for a long time.

City life

Stockholm, the capital city and main port of call on a cruise to Sweden, is an old Scandinavian town that’s full of museums, cafés, stone bridges and dramatic light – the sunsets here are not to be missed. The Old Town (Gamla Stan) in Stockholm is loaded with architectural gems and quiet urban beauty. Many small shops selling coffee and cakes line the cobble streets, along with shops selling local goods. Wear comfortable shoes for a day in Old Town, to navigate the winding cobble streets.


The architecture in Sweden is uniquely fascinating. Colourful wooden houses brighten up the landscape in true Scandinavian style. Visby Cathedral is the most impressive architectural feat in the port town of Visby. Obviously this is an example of Swedish architecture of years gone by, a fascinating comparison to the slick lines and minimalism we associate with Sweden today. The former Viking site makes for a fascinating wander.