Mediterranean holidays

Exciting adventures and a collection of rich histories await you on your first Mediterranean cruise holiday.

Where can you travel to?

Our Mediterranean holidays can take you to Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.



The endless magic of the Med is waiting...


What can you get up to in the Mediterranean?

Enjoy a coastal cruise and swim in Mykonos

Step aboard a traditional wooden Caique motor boat and discover the beautiful shores of Mykonos. Mykonos is an island with an air of glamour and an idyllic coastline, both of which are reminiscent of the French Riviera or Amalfi Coast, as well as a nightlife scene to rival any party island destination. Trendy clothes, jewellery, crafts and souvenirs can be purchased in the lovely boutique shops of Mykonos.

Marvel at the Acropolis in Athens

Let Athens sweep you off your feet and wrap you up in it's colourful culture.Why not start at the Acropolis, meaning 'High City'. Step into the Acropolis through the Propylaea gateway, stroll among the ruins and soak in your surroundings. If you love your history, you can learn all about this historic landmark in the Acropolis Museum. After you've had a look around, you can take the marble path up Filopappou Hill for sweeping views of the 'High City' with the iconic Parthenon perched on top.

Savour the local wine in Corfu

Corfu isn't known just for its battle-filled history and picture-perfect coastline... It also has heavenly cuisine to be savoured, plus all types of wine to be tried. On this 4.5-hour shore experience, you can not only take in the beautiful scenery of this Greek island but also take part in some local wine tasting, treating your taste buds to whatever you fancy! The question is, red or white?


Explore, dine, snap pictures and find an adventure around every corner.


Wander the cobbled alleys of Dubrovnik's old town

This medieval city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is an enticing mixture of old and new. As you walk through this city's streets, marvel at the 14th-century stone walls, domed cathedrals and Renaissance masterpieces that lurk around every corner. You can even watch live performances from the walls of Dubrovnik's grand, medieval fortresses or join a guided tour for a comprehensive introduction to the most historic sights.

Bite into a Neapolitan pizza in Naples

Rugged yet charming, Naples offers an authentic Italian experience like no other. From ancient ruins to Baroque masterpieces, Naples offers a whole world of culture. And let's not forget about the yummy cuisine... Ever wondered how the Italians make the best pizzas? Well, you can find out their home secrets as you watch the experts at work crafting their finest homemade pizzas. And the best part? You get to taste the delicious end products!

Explore the Valletta waterfront in Malta

Valletta may be Europe's smallest capital but it sure does pack a punch in terms of culture and history. This distinctive waterfront is lined with colourful, shuttered buildings, restaurants and bars, so you're sure to have a place to sit and relax after you've finished exploring this quaint city.

There's plenty to do, whether you decide to explore ashore by yourself or pay a little extra for a shore excursion.

Good to know

Fly-cruise or sail from Southampton

Jet straight to the sun and join your ship on a fly-cruise holiday or sail straight from Southampton.


Our Mediterranean cruise holidays range from 7-17+ nights.

Time of year

Our Mediterranean cruise holidays are between March and November.

Best for...

Rich history, delectable cuisine, turquoise waters and exploring.

Shore excursions

For a little bit extra, you can take part in a range of fun activities with experienced and informative guides by your side.

Our digital port guides

You'll have local recommendations at your fingertips thanks to our new digital port guides (sent by email before your holiday). They're packed full of information and tips for all of the destinations on your itinerary, including local cafes, bars and restaurants – saving you time researching before you go!


There's a whole world of colourful culture to be explored.


Soak up the local nightlife with evenings and overnight stays in port

With evening and overnight stays in port, you can make the most of wherever you are on your Mediterranean holiday. Watch the sunset on Valletta's coastline, enjoy a tasty meal by the sea in Barcelona's harbour or stargaze from Lisbon's cobbled streets.

Recommended ships for the Mediterranean

Choose from our flagship favourite, Britannia, or the fleet's newest Excel class star, Arvia. Both ships encompass a friendly atmosphere matching those of the ports you'll visit. And, with so much to do on board too, these ships are sure to compliment your holiday to the Med perfectly.

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