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Spend some time relaxing and soaking up the Corsican sunshine or venture out on a day of immersing yourself in the glories of Ajaccio. Your time is precious, and we know you want to make the most of it. Pack your bags and combine culture and exploration with comfort and relaxation on a Ajaccio cruise holiday.


Napoleon was born here and, if you did not know that before, it would only take a few minutes after cruising into Ajaccio to cotton on as 'Boneys' name and likeness is everywhere. The main shopping street is called Cours Napoleon and the wide tree-lined boulevards, parks and large squares in this newer part of town feature many statues of the great man, notably in the main square (ironically called General de Gaulle). The Old Town between the port and the imposing citadel on the cliff above boasts Napoleons House and the cathedral where he was baptised. The main marketplace is right by the port and here you'll find lots of local craft goods and endless Napoleonic souvenirs. Nestling in the Bay of Ajaccio, halfway down the islands west coast, Ajaccio cruise port is an excellent base from which to explore Corsica and discover why it is called the 'Scented Isle' (because of the sweet aromas from the mountainside maquis vegetation).

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