Fremantle, Australia cruise holidays

Being a port city in Western Australia, it’s only fitting that Fremantle is most renown for its extensive maritime history – but there’s much more to this corner of the world than just that. Dotted with impressive Victorian architecture and bits and pieces of its colonial past, the winding streets are sure to capture your attention and transport you back in time. Meanwhile, the city centre will bring you right back to the present with its contemporary art and culinary scene. Long story short, Fremantle gives you the best of both worlds. 

Top things to do in Fremantle

Fremantle Prison

First built in the 1850s, this famous prison housed hundreds upon hundreds of convicts for around 140 years. You could walk the eery corridors and maybe even pop into a cell or two if you want to experience the life of a convicted criminal! There’s also a chance for you to explore the tunnels that run 20 metres underneath the prison… If you’re feeling brave, that is.

Glen Cowan’s Studio at the Roundhouse

Are you a lover of marine life or photography (or both!)? Glen Cowan’s Studio is a treasure trove of stunning photography of all kinds of colourful sea life, not only from Western Australia’s coast, but oceans all around the world. You can spend your time wandering around looking through the lens and marvelling at how this artist’s pictures capture the breathless beauty of all kinds of live that inhabit our oceans.

Salmon Bay

Fancy a bit of chill time? Salmon Bay is one of many beautiful beaches that Fremantle boasts. Covered in warm white sand and with a stunning view of the topaz waters, you could spend hours looking out at the view in front of you. Maybe you could bring a good book or some headphones along with you? Whether you choose to occupy yourself with an incredible backdrop or simply sit and take it all in, you’re guaranteed one thing whilst visiting this landmark: ultimate relaxation. 

What makes Fremantle special?

Filled to the brim with vibrancy, culture, colour and history, Fremantle is an unforgettable blend of past and present. Plus, with seamless modes of transport, you could even explore further afield and hop on a train or bus to visit its neighbouring city, Perth. 

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