Guadeloupe cruise holidays

Consisting of six inhabited islands, Guadeloupe has something for everyone to enjoy. Fancy a day on the beach? Guadeloupe has some beautiful ones to laze on. Want to go for a hike? This region has impressive mountains and green terrain to discover. Desperate to try some of the local cuisine? Guadeloupe has so many places where you can sample tasty dishes filled with exotic flavours. Whatever you want from this island, you’re sure to find it. 

Top things to do in Guadeloupe


Want the chance to bathe in some hot springs? Pop your swimming costume on and visit Bouillante, the only place in Guadeloupe that has natural thermal springs, heated by the volcanic activity used to make electricity. With benefits such as detoxifying, cell oxygenation and relaxing sore muscles and joints, this experience is not only a relaxing one, but healing too.

Carbet Falls

With roaring water surrounded by emerald greenery, Carbet Falls is a location that’s sure to leave you wide-eyed. At an impressive 115 metres, a series of cascades make up this natural beauty. Snap a picture for the holiday album and maybe take a dip in the shallow pool that lies underneath the waterfalls.

Jaques Costeau Underwater Reserve

From tropical fish to green turtles, seahorses to dolphins – this experience is something you won’t forget in a hurry. With the chance to dive deep into warm waters, you’ll be witness to over 1,000 hectares of seabed and all manner of sea life. This magical place will leave you with unforgettable memories to treasure. 

What makes Guadeloupe special?

Two words can be associated with Guadeloupe: culinary excellence. Renowned for its incredible cuisine, this part of the world exhibits mouth-watering flavours that’ll leave you wanting more. 

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