Hellesylt, Norway cruise holidays

Nearby Geiranger might be more widely known, but the UNESCO World Heritage listed village of Hellesylt seems determined not to be overshadowed by its more famous neighbour. Surrounded by towering, snow-capped peaks and with a spectacular roaring waterfall cascading through the centre of the village and directly into the fjord, the former Viking settlement is every inch the quintessential Norwegian fjord town. The slogan of the Norwegian Tourist Board; "Powered by Nature", could have been created with Hellesylt in mind, and the village offers ample opportunity to revel in the great outdoors. Enjoy the majestic scenery at your own pace; it's easy to get up close and personal with the beauty and wildlife of the Sunnylvsfjorden simply by stepping ashore to explore. History buffs should make Sunnylven church their first port of call; this wooden parish church was constructed in its current incarnation in 1859, although the origins of the church date back to at least 1150.

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