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Canary Island La Palma is called 'the fair isle' because of its fabulous landscape boasting a hugely diverse landscape of lush forests,  deep valleys and beautiful beaches. Santa Cruz is one of the prettiest harbours among the islands and is easily explored on foot. Make the best of your La Palma cruise and stroll along the Avenida Maritime promenade which will take you to the lovely old quarter around Plaza de Espana, Here you will find a 16th century fountain and town hall, a magnificent Renaissance church and a handicrafts market where you can pick up distinctive pottery and snack on local delicacies. As you will discover on our cruises to La Palma, the island's most spectacular volcanic crater, Caldera de Taburiente, is crammed with rare animal and plant life and has been designated a national park. Its night skies are so clear that a major astrophysical observatory has been built at Roque de los Muchachos. With such a variety of destinations to explore, La Palma cruises offer visitors here a memorable day.


In La Palma, the artisans of ‘La Isla Bonita’ produce all manner of wonderful things, from woven baskets and hand-painted pots to hand-rolled cigars and silk. The proud tradition of Palmeran silk-making stretches back half a century, as I found out at the absorbing Las Hilanderas workshop and Silk Museum in El Paso. El Paso is the only place in the Canaries that still produces silk (all the islands used to), and came to understand just how much work goes into making the best hand-woven silk.

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