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Salvador is a refreshing blend of past and present. Pelourinho, the oldest part of the city, is reminiscent of New Orleans' French quarter. Stroll along cobbled streets, through wide open squares and past pastel coloured homes. The city has the largest collection of colonial architecture in Latin America and you'll spot wonderfully preserved examples across the city.

If you're looking to sink your toes into soft Brazilian sand, you're spoilt for choice in Salvador as the city sprawls along the stunning coastline.

Top things to do in Salvador


Roam down charismatic cobbled streets that wind all around multi-coloured buildings and take in your surroundings at a leisurely pace. There are plenty of shops to have a nose in, including classic souvenir ones so you can take a piece of Salvador home with you. Enjoy performances from street musicians and dancers and go in search of colonial landmarks that signify an important part of the city’s history.

Flamengo Beach

A pocket paradise in the heart of Salvador, Flamengo Beach is well worth the visit. Stroll down the boardwalk lined with towering palm trees and choose a quiet spot to sit and relax for the day. Maybe you’ll even get your swimming costume on and go for a dip in the warm sea? And, if you get a bit peckish throughout the day, there’s a whole variety of restaurants not too far away from the beach to try out.

Casa do Rio Vermelho

Home to late writers Jorge Amado and Zélia Gattai, this house has been turned into a museum that celebrates creativity and tells the tale of how this couple helped get literature from this region recognised worldwide. Pay a visit to this incredible landmark and you can enjoy an interactive experience when you can get to know more about this power couple and what their lives in this home entailed, as well as being able to read letters exchanged with national and international personalities. 

What makes Salvador special?

The only country in Central America that doesn’t have a coastline on the Caribbean Sea, Salvador is better known as the Land of Volcanoes and is well worth a trip for those who love an incredible view and rich history. 

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