What is a Future Cruise Credit?

A Future Cruise Credit (FCC) is when we turn the money you’ve paid towards a holiday into a credit, almost like a voucher. This means your holiday fund stays where it is and can be used towards a future cruise.

How to use your Future Cruise Credit online

Once you have received an email to say you can use your FCC online, you can use it against any new cruise booking and can also redeem FCCs for all guests travelling on the booking.


1. Find your dream holiday

Browse our range of holidays until you find your next adventure


2. Log in to book and choose your cabin

You will need your My Account Number which can typically be found on emails or letters from us. It’s eight characters, e.g. FT12345N


3. Redeem additional guest FCCs

In your booking summary, you’ll now see your FCC deduction. As part of the booking form, you will be able to add additional guests. If you wish to redeem their FCCs, enter their My Account Numbers


4. Pay

Before payment, you will see all FCCs deducted from the cost of the holiday. This will also be reflected on your booking confirmation


5. Left over FCC?

If you still have credit after booking your holiday, why not put it towards another?

Simply find your dream holiday, log in and book. When you add your My Account Number, this will redeem your FCC.

If you haven’t yet registered for My Account, you can do so using your My Account Number (also known as your Peninsular Club number or Customer Number) which is eight characters beginning with two letters, e.g. FT12345N. This can typically be found on emails or correspondence from us. If you do not have your My Account Number, you will not be able to use your FCC online and will need to call us.

Once you have logged in and chosen your cabin, you will see your FCC deducted from the cost of your cruise. If you are bringing additional guests, you can also redeem their FCCs against the booking by entering their My Account Number. You will be asked for this when filling in their personal details so make sure you have it to hand. Please note, if you do not wish to redeem the additional guests’ FCCs you will need to leave these fields blank.

If the cost of your holiday is less than the value of your FCC, your account will remain in credit ready to be used. If the cost is more than the value of your FCC, you can simply pay the difference between the value of the FCC and the deposit or balance payment (if after the date the balance for your holiday is due).

All FCCs can be used via our website. As a reminder, if you’ve not yet received the email to say your FCC is set up to be used online but you’d still like to book now, please call our Customer Contact Centre. Alternatively, if you’re happy to wait, please try again later.

How else can I use my FCC?


Book your next holiday

Put your FCC towards a holiday on sale

Already booked?


Upgrade to Select Price

And enjoy all of the added booking benefits


Upgrade your cabin

Why not treat yourself to the Suite life?

By calling us, you can use your FCC to upgrade from Early Saver to Select Price or to upgrade your cabin on an existing holiday booking. Why not treat yourself to a taste of the Suite life? You can make the most of our largest room complete with its own lounge, dressing area, spacious balcony plus you could enjoy luxuries such as your own butler, inclusive room service and priority boarding (to name just a few). You can do this via your travel agent or us, if you are booking direct, and we will make changes to your booking.

The FCC can be used either as above, or applied to a new booking. If you have a specific itinerary, date or ship in mind then it is always better to book early, particularly given the demand we are seeing for next year.

Once an FCC has been applied to a new booking, if you then cancel, any refund will be given in FCC.

If, for any reason, the enhanced Future Cruise Credit offer does not meet your needs, please let us know via this web form

Frequently Asked Questions

For full FCC terms and conditions, please see below

Future Cruise Credits

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many guests have accepted Future Cruise Credits (“FCCs”) in relation to cancelled cruises. FCCs can be redeemed against any new booking on a P&O Cruises holiday on sale in that period. FCCs can be used on all fare types of P&O Cruises holiday, subject to availability at the time of booking. Where the cost of the new holiday is more than the FCC, guests can simply pay the difference between the value of the FCC and the deposit or balance payment (if after the date the balance for their holiday is due).

Guests may also use their FCC to upgrade their existing booking. Should guests wish to do this they should contact their travel agent or our Customer Contact Centre, if they have booked direct.

All new bookings using FCCs will be subject to P&O Cruises Booking Conditions, including our standard cancellation terms. Once an FCC has been applied to a new booking, in the event of a cancellation of a cruise by the guest, any refund will be given in FCC. If a cancellation of the whole cruise is necessary due to COVID-19, guests who had used their FCC for that cruise will be offered the same options as other guests are offered at that time in respect of the original monies paid. If you had made a booking on a recently cancelled cruise (announced 22 June 2021 or 27 July 2021) using your FCC from a previously cancelled cruise, you will receive the same value of that FCC back. If the value of your FCC payment was less than the value of the standard deposit, you will receive the relevant FCC amount back and 125% of the cash element of the deposit paid, as an FCC.  Any additional monies paid will be returned as an FCC.

Please note any FCCs issued for the cancellation of a non fly-cruise booking by P&O Cruises after 1 July 2021 are not covered by ABTA's scheme of financial protection, although any booking made using the FCC will be protected up to the amount of the refund due on the original booking. These FCCs can be used against any holiday that is on sale at the time of booking.

In respect of fly-cruises, with the exception of those guests who book their own scheduled flights, 100% of the price you paid for your fly-cruise and held as an FCC is protected by ATOL, so in the unlikely event of P&O Cruises insolvency, your money will be refunded under those financial protection arrangements. Please retain all booking documentation, receipts, confirmation, invoice documents, ATOL Certificate and your proof of payment, such as credit card statements.