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We’d like to treat you to a taste of the good life, or rather the great life! Join us for a fabulous blend of discovery, relaxation and great service. We’d love to welcome you on board.

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So, what floats your boat? You’ve the chance to explore a string of different destinations in one holiday. On board, you can savour delicious meals, relax and recharge and choose from a whole host of daytime activities. While evenings are deliciously spontaneous. Take your seat for a theatre show, a live band or some comedy, or seek out a cosy corner in a bar. It's up to you. From glittering Black Tie nights to Gala Dinners, it’s all on offer. Join us to discover for yourself what makes us Britain’s favourite cruise line.

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Pay in pounds sterling when booking and on board - avoid potential currency fluctuations and explore Europe without the euros. You can also pay in advance for a range of exciting experiences ashore.

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Of course, the beauty of cruising is while you can often awake to a new destination, your ship will often stay into the evening to add an extra dimension to your time away.

Castries, St Lucia

St. Lucia is the epitome of a Caribbean paradise. Watch parrots and hummingbirds skim through the trees, bask on beautiful beaches, visit charming fishing villages, and wander through the Caribbean’s best botanical gardens.

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Our Tenerife cruises bring you close to one of the world’s most dramatic and varied landscapes, ranging from verdant valleys and lush plantations to glorious beaches, vast pinewoods and the volcanic 'moonscape’ of Mount Teide National Park.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Look past the futuristic skyscrapers, luxurious hotels and endless shopping malls and you’ll see that the cultures of an older society still remain.

Alta, Norway

Alta rightly claims the title of ‘The town of the Northern Lights’. The world’s first Northern Lights observatory was built here back in 1899. Look forward to snow mobile safaris, dog sledding and a warm and friendly welcome.

Bridgetown, Barbados

Watching the surf crash down on this richly diverse island and you may feel you could be on the Cornish coast. The moment you hear the waves of gospel singing from a tiny local church you realise you could not be anywhere else but Barbados.

Athens, Greece (tours from Piraeus)

The Acropolis will always be the top attraction in Athens. With its 2,500-year-old Parthenon, temple to Poseidon and Athena, Odeon of Herodes Atticus and Theatre of Dionysus, it stands out as an oasis of calm in the Greek capital.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona provides a vivid mix of ancient and modern. Some of the best food in Spain can be found in the city – paella is a speciality – and the restaurant Cal Pep was recently named as one of the top 50 places to eat in the world.

Venice, Italy

You’ve not seen Venice until you’ve floated through the heart of this enchanted city on a gondola, along the beautiful waterways and under stone bridges. For all-out romance, how about a sunset trip with a serenade?

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Walk the defensive walls of the immaculately preserved Medieval Old Town and see many Game Of Thrones filming locations. Ride the cable car up Mount Srd for breathtaking views across the city and out to sea, or hit the nearby golden beaches.

New York and Boston, USA

Gain an extended evening in two iconic destinations. New York yields a ‘pinch yourself’ moment as its famous skyline shimmers into view, while arriving at the spectacular Harbour, scene of the Tea Party, starts your Boston visit in style.

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Children's clubs are included

The Reef offers age-specific activities and a night nursery on school holiday cruises for children aged 4 and under. We also provide a daily children's tea, discos and entertainment such as magic shows, contests and treasure hunts.

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