After you've booked

Manage your booking online

After you’ve booked, we’ll send you a confirmation email with your booking details for you to log in to To log in you will need your six digit cruise booking reference, first name, last name and date of birth as on your booking. We’ll also send you a small number of emails with ideas to help you enhance your trip, from adventures ashore to dining experiences and spa treatments.

Log in to view essential information for your cruise, including:

  • Visa and vaccination information
  • Embarkation and disembarkation information
  • Dress code details for your cruise
  • Flight and transfer information (if applicable).


Make sure to do the following before you join us:

  • Register your child(ren) for the children’s clubs 14 days before sailing
  • Print your boarding pass and luggage labels which will be available 21 days before you embark
  • Provide essential immigration information including passport, next of kin and travel insurance details for each person on your booking using the Personal Details section.

If you have booked a fly-cruise you may also be able to pre-purchase the seat of your choice on your charter flight (selected cruises/flights only). To plan your holiday online from the comfort of home, click here.

What to pack

During the day

The dress code during the day is just your typical holiday wardrobe. Think t-shirts, shorts and sundresses (unless you’re heading to Northern Europe in winter!). It may be chilly on deck and breezy in the evening (even in the tropics), so be sure to pack light layers. We’d also recommend flat shoes for strolling the decks and sunglasses and sun cream are essential. Also, don’t forget any necessities like your spectacles or medicines. Please note, some medicines are illegal in UAE and Japan - see travel information under 'United Arab Emirates / Japan drug warning' for more information.


Away from the pool, we ask for shoes to be worn and no pool wear in the ship’s lounges, inside bars, restaurants or reception.

Evening wear

For evening dress codes see travel information under the 'dress code' section.


Paying your Final Balance

P&O Cruises must receive the balance of your fare no later than 90 days before departure. If you are booking through a travel agent they may request payment of the balance in advance of this date in order to ensure that your monies reach us by the balance due date. If P&O Cruises do not receive the balance by the due date, we reserve the right to end the contract between us and re-sell the accommodation held for you, which will also result in the forfeiture of your deposit. We do offer an auto charge payment option, where your final balance can be taken from the credit or debit card you used to pay your deposit. This option can be set up for you during the booking process. Alternatively you can visit our website,, where you can log in and pay your balance via our secure, online, payment facility. This facility is available 24/7, offering a quick and convenient way to pay your balance.

Avoiding issues with your credit or debit card/holding charges

Your daily spend whilst on board (including registering your payment card as part of the online check-in process) will be authorised with your card provider at the end of each day to cover your spend for the previous day. Your card provider, as part of their standard procedures, may retain these authorisations for up to 28 days and this is outside the control of P&O Cruises. Until these authorisations are released, the available funds in the account could be affected. Payment is not taken from your account until it is finally settled on the day of disembarkation. You may therefore wish to contact your card provider on your return to release these authorisations. Prior to leaving for your cruise it is recommended that you advise your credit or debit card provider of your trip away and that you will be on board a ship and visiting different countries. This will help avoid raising a security alert and your card being declined.

Cancellations and changes

If you have to cancel your cruise for any reason and have made your cruise booking via a travel agent, then you must ask your agent to call or write to us immediately to confirm cancellation. If you have booked your holiday direct with us then you will need to contact us directly by calling our Customer Contact Centre on 03453 555 111 (local call charges apply). The cancellation charges which will then apply are shown in clause 38 of our Booking Conditions. Depending on the reason for cancellation, you may be able to recover the cancellation charges from your travel insurer.

Please note that any pre-purchased shore experiences, speciality dining or spa treatments, purchased online, will automatically be cancelled and refunded to the card you originally made your payment with. The refund will take between 7-10 working days to appear on your statement.

If you book a P&O Cruises Select Price holiday we may, at our discretion, allow you to transfer to another cruise without treating it as a cancellation if the P&O Cruises holiday to which you’re transferring departs within 12 months (within 6 months in the case of transfer from a World Cruise, Classic Southern Hemisphere Journey, Grand Tour or Exotic fly-cruise) of the original cruise and is for a higher price. Agreement to transfer a cruise would also be conditional upon such a request being made more than 90 days before the original scheduled departure date; there being availability; and the payment of any expenses (such as airline and/or hotel charges) incurred by P&O Cruises as a result. Such a transfer would only be allowed on one occasion. We reserve the right to change the criteria for allowing transfers at any time without notice.

You may cancel your City Stay at any time prior to commencement of your holiday package with us but in that event cancellation charges may apply. The amount of the cancellation charges will vary depending on when you cancel. We will notify you at the time of any applicable cancellation charges. The cancellation charges that apply to City Stays are in addition to any cancellation charges that may be applied pursuant to our booking conditions in the event that you cancel your whole holiday package.