Alcohol-free drinks package

Fresh, fruity and flavour-packed drinks you can enjoy all day and all night too. Get the very best value from Costa Coffee for a morning pick-me-up or unwind by the pool with one of our refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails at sundown.

Price: £26.95 (per person, per day)*
*10% off above price (£24.25 per person, per day) when purchased via My P&O Cruises up to 3 days before your holiday.

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What's included

Our Alcohol-free drinks package includes everything from the Refresh drinks package, plus Costa Coffee (small), hot chocolate, non-alcoholic beverages including Heineken 0%, a choice of still or sparkling water (small) and a whole range of non-alcoholic cocktails and soft drinks. With all this to choose from, you really don't want to miss out.

✔ Non-alcoholic beers, ciders, cocktails, wines and spirits

✔ Selected Costa Coffee and teapigs™

✔ Extended range of soft drinks

✔ Fruit juices and waters


How to purchase

Log in to My P&O Cruises up to three days before your holiday to buy your Alcohol-free drinks package with a 10% discount! Or, if you’d rather wait until you’re on board, you can buy your chosen package within the first two days of your cruise.


Do I have to buy a drinks package?

No, you can pay for your drinks on an individual basis. To view example menus, click here. Products that are also included in our drinks packages are highlighted with colour-coded icons.

Any questions?

Refresh drinks package - £14.45 per person, per day

Packed with fizz, punch and zing, fantastic all-day refreshment is at your fingertips. Just kick back, relax and quench your thirst from day one with our range of soft drinks.

Classic drinks package - £48.85 per person, per day

Dive into a wide selection of fabulous drinks with a tipple for every mood. Our Classic drinks package includes everything from the Refresh and Alcohol-free packages, plus a whole array of refreshing spirits, tempting wines and classic cocktails.

Deluxe drinks package - £60.50 per person, per day

Savour your favourites or branch out and try a new tipple with our most generous drinks package. From colourful cocktails to fine spirits and everything in between, our Deluxe drinks package includes the same selection as all our other packages and then some!