The Non-alcoholic drinks package

Mocktails, mochas and more – for just £19.95pp per day

Choose a primo Costa coffee for a morning pick-me-up or stay cool by the pool with a fruity mocktail. From draught soft drinks and selected juices to rich hot chocolates and refreshing teapigs™ teas, our Non-Alcoholic drinks package offers something for every mood. It all comes at a fixed price per person, per day, and you can pay with on-board spending money. Even better, this package includes a 20% saving on selected excluded drinks.


What’s included

  • Unlimited draught soft drinks, selected juices, mocktails 
  • Primo Costa coffees, teapigs™ teas, hot chocolates 
  • Small bottled water (500ml only)
  • 20% discount on the following items: large bottles of water, canned and bottled premium soft drinks and juices

What’s excluded

  • Large bottles of water (750ml & 1.5L), canned and bottled premium soft drinks, juices and smoothies 
  • Large/medio sized coffees and hot chocolate 
  • Items offered in shops on board
  • Drinks from room service, mini-bar, self-service or vending machines
  • Any drinks featured in other programmes or promotions (on-board specials, events such as wine tastings, cocktail masterclasses, buckets of beer, buy one get one free offers etc)
  • All alcoholic beverages

Important information

  • Each adult assigned to the same cabin must purchase the drinks package. Sharing is not permitted 
  • Only available on cruises of five nights or more and must be purchased for every day of the cruise
  • Only one drink at a time may be ordered (minimum 15-minute wait between orders) 
  • All bottles and cans will be served opened 
  • Strictly not refundable or transferable once purchased on board
  • All bottles and cans will be served opened


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