Cephalonia, Argostoli cruise holidays

As a setting for a love story - remember Captain Corellis Mandolin - the unspoilt, rugged but timeless Greek island of Cephalonia is hard to beat.  Although the largest of the Ionian islands, Cephalonia is defiantly untouristy and delights in giving visitors a real opportunity to experience the flavour of an authentic Greek island community.

Just 30,000 live on the island, mainly in the coastal towns and resorts with the rest living much as they have done for centuries in the mountain villages. Pause for a drink in one of the pretty harbourfront tavernas in the cruise port town of Sami before exploring.

There are sandy beaches near the west coast town of Argostoli along with a couple of interesting caves. At Melissani, near Agia Egfymia, the sun shining down through a hole in the caves roof creates a spectacular lighting effect on the water.

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