Ponta Delgada, Portugal cruise holidays

A strong Portuguese influence pervades Ponta Delgada from the stylish colonial architecture to the food and wine served in its restaurants. But that should really come as no surprise as this is the main Portuguese Azores cruise port even if these remote Atlantic islands are 760 miles distant from their parent country.


The capital of Sao Miguel, the largest of the nine mountaineous, thickly-forested Azores islands, Ponta Delgada is probably the most spectacularly beautiful, too. It certainly has the most dramatic attraction:Sete citadades.This is a 15 square mile extinct volcanic crater in which two separate lakes have formed - one deep blue, the other emerald green. They make a remarkable sight, not to mention a great photo-opportunity.


There is also a chance to bathe in the volcanic streams and therapeutic sulphur springs where locals come to picnic, burying their stewpots and sweetcorn so that they are cooked by natural heat.

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