Sydney (Nova Scotia), Canada cruise holidays

Located on Cape Breton Island's east coast, stunning scenery abounds and tours are readily available to soak up the very best of Mother Nature's masterpieces. The city was founded by the British Crown in 1785 and you can still find several buildings and landmarks dating back to this time. The Cape Breton Centre for Heritage and Science offers an insight into the history of Sydney; from its early settlement, through the booming steel heydays to today, where the city attracts countless visitors to its breathtakingly scenic shoreline. The Cossit House and Jost House museums are also an excellent window on a world gone by. Faithfully restored and featuring knowledgeable guides in period costumes, you step back in time when you step through the front door. The success of Sydney is celebrated along the Oceanfront Esplanade with numerous statues and plaques, and for souvenirs, head to the vibrant Sydney River shopping district.

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