Greece Cruise Holidays

Greece, with all its island beauty, is one of the most perfect holiday destinations you could ever wish to visit. What’s not to love about this Mediterranean wonder? The beautiful Greek islands with turquoise seas lap white sandy beaches, and on shore, a world of history, culture and adventure awaits.

Greek Island Cruise Holiday Highlights

No cruise to Greece is complete without dipping into the ancient culture – whether wandering around the churches, monasteries and temples of Piraeus, marvelling at the Delphi ruins, or discovering the marble sculptures from the Aegean

Explore Greece on a Mediterranean Fly-Cruise Holiday

Turquoise seas lap white sandy beaches, and on shore, a world of history, culture and adventure awaits. Where else can you stretch out on a sun-drenched slice of sand one day, and explore ancient temples the next? Then there’s the food – from moussaka to souvlaki, it’s hard to put afoot (or fork) wrong. Make the most of days in the sunshine and wake up to a stunning new view every day with a Mediterranean Fly-cruise, the simple way to get to the heart of Greece.

Reasons to visit Greece on a cruise holiday

Spectacular Sites

There are some spectacular sites to see in Athens, including the Parthenon, Temple of Athena and the Odeon, as well as a maze of accessible streets lined with shops, restaurants, cafés and bars. Try to catch the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier too.

The birthplace of the Olympic Games

Katakolon has plenty of shops, cafés, boutiques and restaurants to keep you busy for the day, especially with the lovely little beach. It’s the gateway to Olympia – birthplace of the Olympic Games. Over three million people a year visit the historical site and its archaeological museum, with lovely lush valleys filled with fruit and vegetable fields en route.

Greek Food

Greek cuisine is among some of the very best in Europe and the Greeks are immensely proud of it. A cruise to Greece is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the local fare.