José Pizarro

Originally from Cáceres, Spain, José grew up on a farm being inspired by the scents emanating from his mother and grandmother’s kitchens. These formative years paved the way for his glittering career which has seen him work in some of the finest Spanish restaurants in Madrid and London, including Eyre Brothers and Brindisa. He now owns three successful restaurants in London, with a fourth gastropub in Surrey. He is a regular on cookery programmes, the food festival scene and has written five cook books. His passion for fresh, simple, seasonal ingredients showcases the best of Spanish cuisine. José is bringing his talents to Iona with a bespoke tapas menu for The Glass House as well as creating street food style dishes for Taste 360.

“The ethos behind my menus is to use top quality, local produce so that the flavours of the region come to life with every mouthful. Working in collaboration with P&O Cruises, I’m excited to bring this dining experience on board Iona. From the spicy scent of saffron rising from a bubbling pot of paella in Taste 360, to the rich extra virgin olive oil and smoky pimentón at the base of each dish in The Glass House – guests will truly be able to taste the region during Iona’s holidays to Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands. 

Tapas is the most important part of Spanish culture: sharing small plates and stories over a glass of wine – perfect for The Glass House. And much like tapas, street food is about small dishes, going from place to place and trying new flavours. I work closely with my suppliers to ensure the best quality produce and I am delighted to bring my partnerships to the P&O Cruises culinary development team so that guests can enjoy authentic flavours on board Iona.”

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