Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, with everything from skiing in the north to quaint market towns untouched by tourism in the south.

Italy Cruise Holiday Highlights

Italy offers a choice of truly amazing cities – from the laid-back vibe of Naples, to the history-packed atmosphere of Rome, to the seaside towns that are bustling with life overlooked by gorgeous houses nestled into cliff faces.

Beautiful Ports

There is a huge range of places to see on an Italy cruise. Naples is one of Italy’s largest ports, although many people do tend to head for the islands of Pompeii or the Amalfi Coast instead of settling down in the city.

Relax and Explore

Palermo and Messina are both used to access Sicily. If you want to access the Western side, head for the Palermo stop – there are plenty of churches, palazzos and stunning sights to see before you head further afield. For the eastern side of Sicily, make sure Messina is on your itinerary.

Italian Food

You can’t talk about Italy without talking about the food. Each region has its own speciality, with twists on pasta, bread and meat at every turn, but a focus on fresh and seasonal flavour wherever you go.