Norwegian Fjords Cruise Holidays

One of the most spectacular regions of the world, many argue that the only way to truly appreciate the scenery of the Norwegian Fjords is to sail through them. We, of course, agree. Fjord cruises offer more than any land based experience ever could. Cruising through the deep-blue waters of Norway’s UNESCO-protected fjords is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Discover Norwegian Fjords cruises

Enjoy the beauty of the Norwegian Fjords. With incredible views guaranteed from all over each ship, our Norwegian Fjords cruise holidays will enable guests to have the choice of when they want to travel to this spectacular area. With a developed diverse range of exclusions and activities for guests for cultural encounters, to active adventure, this is a destination that is best experienced by sea.

Selection of Norwegian Fjords Ports

Bergen, Norway

Nestled within seven mountains and seven fjords is beautiful Bergen. It’s a fittingly picturesque setting for Norway’s second-largest city, itself a beguiling combination of natural beauty and cosmopolitan culture.

Tromso, Norway

In Tromso, Norway's most northerly city, the 'midnight sun' shines around the clock in the summer months. The best way to see Tromso is to take a cable car 480 metres up to the top of Mount Storsteinen.

Stavanger, Norway

Known as the starting point for trips to Pulpit Rock and the glistening Lysefjord, Stavanger offers much to the day visitor. For a true taste of Stavanger, buy a tray of peel-and-eat shrimp from the Fish Market and bread from the grocery store.

Leknes, Lofoten Islands, Norway

A latecomer to Norwegian cruising, the Lofoten Islands have quickly become popular because of their picturesque fishing villages, awesome views of pristine fjords and huge variety of birdlife.

Geiranger, Norway

Prepare for your arrival into Geiranger in plenty of time, as you won’t want to miss the approach. The slender waterfalls, long-abandoned farmsteads and fearless mountain goats (above) clinging to the cliffs demand every ounce of your attention.

Alta, Norway

The Northern Lights are one of the most incredible – and elusive – natural wonders on earth. They’re most likely to make an appearance in a remote place at a high latitude in the depths of winter, and Alta fits that description perfectly.

Innvikfjorden Cruise-by, Norway

At 4.5km long, this arm of Nordfjord is small but perfectly formed with forested banks and lush green pastures surrounding the pretty community of Innvik, after which it's named.

Olden, Norway

The small village of Olden nestles between the Nordfjord and a series of pretty lakes, all in the shadow of the epic Jostedalsbreen National Park.

North Cape Cruise-by, Norway

Norway's North Cape on Magerøya Island is at the northerly edge of the European continent. Keep a look out for whales feeding in the plankton-rich waters - orca, Minke, humpback and pilot whales are all possibilities.

Collection of Norwegian Fjords Ports

Åndalsnes, Norway

Take in the magnificent landscapes in Åndalsnes, a town that is situated on the Romsdalsfjord and surrounded by some of Norway’s most famous mountains. A trip to see the famous, Europe’s tallest vertical, Trollveggen (Troll Wall) is a must.

Ålesund, Norway

Ålesund appears delicately balanced on a collection of islands of all shapes and sizes, giving beautiful panoramic views from almost anywhere in the town. An easy ramble around the compact centre is a must to take in the architecture and surroundings.

Oslofjord Cruise by, Norway

Although not a fjord in geological terms, this charming waterway takes you past attractive islands and waterside towns. The inner part of Oslofjord is dotted with islands, each with a tale to tell.

Haugesund, Norway

Haugesund, homeland of the Viking kings and birthplace of Norway, is surrounded by beautiful coastline, spectacular waterfalls and majestic fjords it's no wonder the kings called this extraordinary setting home.

Hellesylt, Norway

Nearby Geiranger might be more widely known, but the UNESCO World Heritage listed village of Hellesylt seems determined not to be overshadowed by its more famous neighbour.

Nordfjordeid, Norway

Nordfjordeid is a picturesque, hidden gem, nestled peacefully at the end of one of Norway’s most beautiful waterways. Despite Nordfjordeid’s sleepy charm, this small village is big on adventure.

Romsdalfjord, Norway

Romsdalsfjord, in the northern region of western Norway, is one of the most beautiful areas of scenic Norway, surrounded by some of Norway’s most famous mountains.

Storfjorden Cruise by, Norway

With sweeping waterscapes, soaring peaks and forested slopes, Storfjorden (the Great Fjord) lives up to its name. The wide and peaceful waterway running inland for 110km from the North Sea is a haven for wildfire.

Kristiansand, Norway

Kristiansand is Norways most sunniest southerly city and cruise port. Cruises to Kristiansand bring visitors into a renaissance city founded in 1641, with the history laid out in one of Norways largest open-air museums - Vest Agder.

Reasons to visit the Norwegian Fjords on a cruise holiday

Breathtaking Ports

Norway is home to more than 1,000 fjords, including two of the three longest in the world. As one of the planet’s most spectacular unspoilt natural wonders, it is often said that the best way to experience the Norwegian fjords is to sail them. We, of course, agree. Explore the beauty of Norway’s fjords with captivating ports. Surrounding mountains and fjords invite you to explore the lush, dramatic, flower-decked scenery.

Nordic Food

‘New Nordic’ food has been enjoying something of a boon, with restaurants specialising in the creative cuisine popping up in cities all over the world. Newer to the scene is ‘Neo Fjordic’, which hones in on the food culture of Norway and the bounty of ingredients available on its doorstep. Local specialities include berries, herbs and shellfish galore. Tuck in at one of the region’s many fantastic restaurants.

Spectacular Shore Experiences

All Norwegian Fjords cruise holidays are packed with exciting itineraries. Visit Jostedal Glacier National Park to see the largest glacier on the European mainland. To learn about the Viking era, try the Stavanger Highlights shore experience which will take you to historically significant locations such as Hafrsfjord, where Viking King Harald Hårfagre defeated the last of the regional princes and united Norway into one kingdom.

Norwegian Fjords Port you can visit on your cruise holiday

Flåm, Norway

Nestled on the innermost part of Sognefjord, Flåm is perhaps most famous for its dramatic railway, one of the steepest in the world. Overlooked by snow-capped peaks and surrounded by cascading waterfalls, this is a sensational approach to the tiny village of Flam.

Narvik, Norway

The town of Narvik is surrounded by a wonderland of gargantuan mountains, glistening waterways, untouched countryside and thriving arctic wildlife. Take the cable car up Fagernesfjellet mountain by day and enjoy the stunning views of the region from 670 metres.

Trondheim, Norway

Still Norways third largest city and first-ever capital, Trondheim is one of its most popular Fjordland cruise ports. Looking south along the picturesque Trondheim fjord, the most northerly in Norways west coast Fjordland region.

Nordfjord Cruise by, Norway

Nordfjord, located in western Norway, is astonishingly beautiful and diverse. The mountains plunge from altitudes of a few thousand metres, straight down into the seawater.

Sunnylvsfjorden Cruise by, Norway

Be wowed by 26km of craggy cliffs, impressive waterfalls and glassy deep waters before reaching the town of Hellesylt. Don't miss the historical old farm perched 100km above the water and tucked under and overhanging rock.

Skjolden, Norway

Skjolden is located at the head of the longest navigable fjord in the world - Sognefjord. Skjolden is surrounded by steep hills with spectacular falls in a breath taking location. The town itself is host to a number of activities and attractions.

Geirangerfjord, Norway

Geirangerfjord ‘the jewel in the crown' of the Norwegian Fjords. Let unforgettable scenes unfurl along this S-shaped beauty. Among them are the Seven Sister, the Suitor and the Bridal Veil, three astonishing waterfalls and highlights of the route.

Sognefjord Cruise by, Norway

The Sognefjord (the world’s longest and deepest fjord) extends from the coast to the mountains of the Jotunheimen and Jostedalsbreen National Parks, and has beautiful emerald-green water thanks to the meltwater from nearby glaciers.

Kristiansund, Norway

Laid out across four islands connected by bridges and ferries, Kristiansund sits in a beautiful setting on Norway’s fjord coast. From here, the surrounding mountains and fjords invite you to explore the lush, dramatic, flower-decked scenery.

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