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P&O Cruises Ship, Britannia in front of the mountains in Olden, Norway

2. Go glacial

Norway’s majestic landscape was shaped by glaciers during the ice age, and a visit to these frozen giants is nothing short of awe-inspiring. From Skjolden, visit Jostedal Glacier National Park to see the largest glacier on the European mainland, covering 188sq miles, or explore the beautiful Briksdal or Kjenndalen glaciers in Olden for a closer look at these powerful forces of nature.


View cruises to Olden here.

3. Walk in the footsteps of Vikings

The Viking era, which spanned the 9th to 11th centuries, has long been a source of fascination for everyone from history buffs to Hollywood producers, and the fjord region is rich with the stories of these ancient warriors. To learn more, try the Stavanger Highlights shore excursion, which will take you to historically significant locations such as Hafrsfjord, where Viking King Harald Hårfagre defeated the last of the regional princes and united Norway into one kingdom.


In Haugesund, the Historic Avaldsnes and Viking Village tour will give you a fascinating insight into the homeland of the Viking kings.

4. Bask in the midnight sun

Norway offers plenty by way of incredible natural events, no matter what time of year you visit. In the summer months you can experience the surreal phenomenon of the midnight sun, when the sun remains visible late into the night – or, around the summer solstice, doesn’t set at all. Grab a drink and a prime spot on deck to see it for yourself.

5. Visit charming seaside cities

Thoughts of Norwegian towns and cities bring to mind colourful waterfront buildings surrounded by spectacular scenery. Bergen in particular serves as a picture-perfect example of this. Norway’s second-largest city is a former European Capital of Culture, and its charming 11th-century wooden buildings are sure to impress. Explore it on the Bergen Walking Tour shore excursion, or take the cable car and see it all from above on the Heights and Highlights tour. 


Stavanger is another gem – its scenic old town makes for a great stroll. To really get under the city’s skin, try the Wanderlust Norwegian Home Visit package, where you can visit a private home and learn all about Norway’s culture and customs from a local resident.

6. Tuck into the regional cuisine

‘New Nordic’ food has been enjoying something of a boon, with restaurants specialising in the creative cuisine popping up in cities all over the world. Newer to the scene is ‘Neo Fjordic’, which hones in on the food culture of Norway and the bounty of ingredients available on its doorstep. Local specialities include berries, herbs and shellfish galore. Tuck in at one of the region’s many fantastic restaurants.

7. Relax on board

After an adventurous day on shore, take some time to relax and unwind back on board the ship. Treat yourself to a tension-blasting massage in the Oasis Spa, discuss the day’s events over drinks at one of many on-board bars and cafés, or simply curl up with a good book on deck while you savour the views.