Lake in Lofoten, Norway

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Adventure means different things to different people. For some it’s a rip-roaring 4x4 ride through the mountains, while for others it’s a dip in icy waters or climbing to a viewpoint to capture an epic panorama before sunset. Whichever camp you find yourself in, there’s a shore experience to suit with a P&O Cruises holiday to Norway. 

1. For the adrenaline junkie

You’ll need plenty of energy to take on the physical challenge of the Special Forces Adventure in Hellesylt. Created exclusively for P&O Cruises by ex-SAS personnel and led by expert survival guides, you’ll begin by taking a thrilling RIB from Hellesylt to Ljøkaia marvelling at dramatic vistas along the way. Next, you’ll paddle along the glassy waters of Geirangerfjord in a kayak and stop for a wilderness BBQ lunch to fuel up for the final challenge – a five-hour hike up picturesque Blåhornet mountain. Explore more adrenaline filled shore excursions on our Norwegian cruise. 


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2. For those seeking calm

Not all adventure has to set off your flight-or-fight mode. Yoga in the Blue Mountain Hall in Olden is a different kind of adventure for all, from complete beginners to seasoned yogis. Stimulate the mind and the body with gentle exercises and breathing techniques in the epic chamber of rock that is the Blue Mountain Hall, a unique structure part-formed by a huge boulder that fell from the mountains in an avalanche 6,000 years ago. Enchanting views of the cool Briksdal Glacier and a towering waterfall make for a very special experience while you practise. And the relaxing sounds of gong meditation at the end of the class will see you float back to ship in a pleasant haze.


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Glacier between two mountains in Norway
Glacier between two mountains in Norway
Glacier between two mountains in Norway
Glacier between two mountains in Norway

3. For fans of great views

Not many can claim that they’ve stood on top of a 610m-tall rock. Team this with staggering views in every direction and you’ve got a story to fill up a few postcards. The hike begins with a scenic drive through Gandsfjord near Stavanger, Norway, before you set off on foot along the mountainous terrain, where you might spot a rock ptarmigan – a plump native bird – or two. After a challenging climb, you’ll reach the flat part of Pulpit Rock. Catch your breath before it’s taken away again by stunning Lysefjord and its craggy mountains, crashing waterfalls and deep blue water.

Photo Taken In Tyssedal, Norway

4. For the nature lovers

You don’t need to be a keen birdwatcher to enjoy this scenic journey through the Norwegian fjords, but you might need to hold on tight! Board the high-speed RIB at Ålesund harbour in Norway and head off for an adventure like no other. Your destination is Rundebranden, the southernmost nesting cliff in Norway and home to half a million birds each year. You’ll see plenty of avian activity from more than 50 species as you journey around the small island before heading back to Ålesund via the incredible Vartdalsfjord.


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