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With us, you won’t just visit a destination, you’ll truly connect with it. For experiences that broaden your mind, fill your heart and fire your imagination, there’s no better way to travel than with us. Meet people who inspire you with ‘insider’ knowledge that enlivens your experience and brings each destination to life.

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Extra to spend on board with applicable Select Price holidays in a Sea view cabin, Balcony cabin or Suite* booked by 2 September 2019. Also, no tips required. Just relax - good service and good times are all part and parcel of your P&O Cruises holiday!

This week's favourite destination

Surrounded by spectacular scenery, feel a sense of wonder wash over you. Where will you drink it all in? Up on deck with a glass of bubbles? Or maybe you’d rather venture ashore to explore more closely?

Which destination will you truly connect with?

Norwegian Fjords

Here, you’ll find each breathtaking vista as heart-warming as the people you’ll meet there. From kayak experts who know the waterfalls, glaciers and cliffs like the back of their hands, to friendly restaurant owners eager to delight you with authentic delicacies and traditional fare, to local historians bringing tales of Viking conquest to life.

Spain, Portugal and the Canaries

Think Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands only offer beaches and blue skies? Not on our holidays. Let us take you off the beaten track with authentic local experiences. Encounter local people who are passionate about their galleries, museums, vineyards and restaurants… each eager to ensure your time there is as memorable as it can possibly be.


On these laidback islands, you’ll meet people with an infectious lust for life, eager to share their carefree spirit with you. From the local experts who fire your imagination with inspiring stories, to talented musicians filling the air with the lilting calypso rhythm of steel drums, to market stall owners who love to haggle.

Dubai and the Arabian Gulf

Experience moments as enriching as the people who share their fascinating region with you. Camel herders could lead you into the desert for a night safari and barbecue. Market vendors might tempt you with dazzling trinkets and bright fabrics. And seaplane pilots may carry you high above breathtaking cityscapes, studded with towering skyscrapers.

Northern European City Breaks

On the ultimate city escape, come face to face with the welcoming residents. From beer brewers and chocolatiers in Bruges (from Zeebrugge), to flower sellers, cheesemakers and gallery experts in Amsterdam (from Rotterdam or IJmuiden), to friendly street café owners in Cherbourg.


What better way to soak up the magical atmosphere in each port than through the eyes of the people who call them home? Winemakers in leafy vineyards; delicatessen owners offering tantalising local flavours; caricature artists in a village square, keen to capture your likeness.

Grand Tours

Embark on an adventure to the jaw-dropping cities of South America and the relaxed islands of the Caribbean. As you go, you’ll rub shoulders with locals who’ll go out of their way to welcome and delight you... jazz musicians, rum punch pourers, market stall owners, catamaran captains, water sports experts and more.

More great destinations

For experiences that broaden your mind, fill your heart, and shape who you are, there’s no better way to travel than with us. Experience moments that inspire you, people who captivate you, and sights that take your breath away.

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